Financial reports

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Our ambition

Our ambition for good value creation involves positive impact on the society and the environment via sustainable business practices and initiatives we can be proud of. These include supporting local sourcing and communities, and promoting diversity and inclusion within our organization and among franchisees.

Our business model

Our business model is franchising. It is simple, dynamic, easy to model and easy to track. Franchisees form our entrepreneurial foundation in all countries, creating long-term profitability and growth for the business.

Our ways of
creating value

Resilient EUR 10bn European total addressable market with attractive growth expectations in the coming years.

Established local sustainable franchised pizza brands with leading domestic positions and strong management teams.

Strong financial track record driven by organic network expansion and positive same-store sales in core markets, fuelled by sizeable marketing funds and continuous concept development.

Securing service and product quality through complete value chain and best-in-class technological solutions driving value for customers, franchisees and The European Pizza Company.

Franchisee-driven scalable and predictable business model, requiring limited investments and yielding strong profitability and cash conversion.

The European Pizza Company’s platform is an attractive home and preferred partner for new brands and franchisees, supporting the structural growth agenda.