Who we are

About us

We aspire to be the leading European collection of sustainable local pizza brands. With our franchise-based business model, we are active in the pizza limited-service restaurant market with leading brands across Europe.

Combining local brands in Europe

The European Pizza Company has more than 90 years of experience in the pizza business. We have grouped our first three brands under the TEPC holding company: Kotipizza (est. 1987) in Finland, New York Pizza (est. 1993) in the Netherlands and in Germany, and Da Grasso (est. 1996) in Poland. Our aim is to lead with differentiation and quality, combined with localness, technology and positive impact on the society and the environment.

Management team

Chief Executive Officer

Tommi Tervanen

Head of M&A, Strategy and Business Development

Linn Margrete Skogseid

Head of Sustainability

Anna Rahikainen

Head of Sourcing

Anssi Koivula

Chief Financial Officer

Sybren Aaij

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Audun Stensvold

Board Member

Aaron Moore-Saxton

Board Member

Belinda Gerdt

Board Observer

Thomas Ljungqvist